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Update 6/22/20: Due to the Proclamation that Mayor Giles has issued, beginning Monday June 22nd at 8:00 am, all Sunland Springs Golf Club patrons will be required to wear a face covering in all public areas of the Golf Club. We ask that these coverings are to be worn in the Golf Shop, Clubhouse, Patio, Parking Lot, and all areas where you may not be able to Social Distance. Please be well and let's do what we can to protect one another. Thanks and #MaskUpMesa!

Sunland Springs Golf Club is committed to providing the safest and best golfing experience during these unprecedented times.

Things we have done for you...

  • Removed all ball washers and bunker rakes from the golf course.
  • Continously sanitizing the inside of the clubhouse and the golf cars.
  • Placed a Sanitation Station inside the clubhouse.
  • Placed a stopper in the bottom of the hole to assist with getting the ball out.

Things you can do for us...

  • Practice SOCIAL DISTANCING in all areas of the clubhouse, parking lot, and golf course.
  • Do not remove the flag from the hole.
  • Do not pick up another players golf ball or club.
  • Use your own towel to clean your ball or clubs and make sure you wash it frequently.
  • Thoroughly sanitize your own cart and do it frequently.
  • Replace shaking hands with elbow touching or even just a friendly wave.
  • Use common sense, make good decisions, and stay safe.


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